Instructional Design and Online Learning

The Online Learning staff collaborates with many of the university's colleges to offer hybrid and online courses and programs.

The instructional designers for Online Learning partner with faculty and instructors to design and develop online courses and recommend teaching methods that support and enhance student learning.

If designing and teaching an online course is a new endeavor, faculty are encouraged to sign up for one or both of the following courses:

These courses will guide faculty through the development process and prepare them for online teaching.

It's important to remember that course development is not an all-or-nothing commitment. The best way to develop an online course is through an iterative process which takes place over a long period of time. After the initial launch, the online course will require continual tweaking as interactions with learners and our own reflective practice inform teaching methods and as technology tools evolve. We are excited to collaborate with and support all UAH faculty as we help students in their educational journeys.

Learn more about teaching an online course and our general course design & development process by contacting us today.

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