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Quality Education Practices Online (QEPO)

Register for the next QEPO course if you are interested in developing an online course or teaching online at UAH. Although the Spring 2018 cohort is in full swing, any faculty can start at any time and complete the course through self-paced study. If you'd like to join a cohort, they begin each semester and you can find out more information regarding starting date by emailing us at OnlineLearning@uah.edu.

Participation in the Quality Education Practices Online (QEPO) certification program gives faculty an opportunity to learn best-practices for developing and delivering an online course, as well as resources and strategies for supporting online students. QEPO provides a broad overview of the pedagogical and technological framework of successful online teaching and learning, as well as tools for streamlining tasks and processes.

The goal of the Quality Education Practices Online (QEPO) learning space is to provide six hands-on self-paced modules covering quality online course design and best-practices for teaching an online course. This course is designed for instructors interested in teaching an online courses at UAH. There are no prerequisites for this course, however it is recommended that you have some basic skills with using the learning management system, Canvas. You are invited to apply information and concepts covered to your online course.

Each week, you should plan to do the following:

  • Complete the readings presented in the modules and visit links related to each topic area.
  • Complete assigned activities (quizzes, discussions, assignments).

Register for the next QEPO course.

Workshops, Webinars, Training, & Chats

20-Minute Mentor Commons

UAH has purchased access to 20-Mentor Mentor Commons so access is no cost for faculty and staff.

20-Minute Mentor Commons offers short on-demand videos, taught by teaching and learning professionals, covering a broad range of faculty development topics for traditional and online environments.

As a member of our campus community this online content from Magna Publications is available at no cost to you. Since 1972 Magna has been a leading provider of higher education professional development resources. Sign up today and help energize your teaching strategies.

The 20-Minute Mentor is a great resource for busy professionals and easy to incorporate into your weekly routine.

Instructions for Registration

Screencast-o-Matic Lecture Capture Orientation

We now have a site license in place for Screencast-o-Matic, a tool that combines webcam and screen recording, editing, captioning, and streaming all in one package. It even integrates with Canvas!

You can learn more about features and functionality on the Screencast-o-Matic website. We have the team premium tier of service, which means we all get all the tools and functionality they have to offer! And it's a snap to learn! Faculty are using Screencast-o-matic to rapidly produce very high quality instructional video for online courses but it's available to those who'd like to enhance an onground or hybrid course as well. These videos go a long way in providing academic continuity for your class in the case of campus closure to inclement weather or local disaster.

In order to access the site license, however, you will need to sign up for an orientation session to get started. They occur on Fridays in the new Faculty Resource Center (FRC) located in 129 Shelby Center (SST) from 10 am to noon. You can sign up now!

Web-based Technologies

(Panopto, Respondus, ZOOM, and more)

Faculty members should consult Academic Technologies, which provides many kinds of support, including hands-on training in using web-based and classroom technology. (View classroom-specific information about the setup in many campus buildings.)

View regularly scheduled Respondus webinars offered by Respondus.

Sign up for Basic or Advanced Panopto webinars offered by Panopto.

View more Training Opportunities from UAH Academic Technology.

Open Lab Hours (Drop-in, no registration needed)

The staff of ETL (Online Learning and Academic Technology) host open lab hours every Wednesday from noon to 2:00 pm in the new Faculty Resource Center (FRC) located within 129 Shelby Center (SST). Faculty are welcome to come without appointment to work on course development or enhancement with instructional designers and academic technologists nearby to help solve problems and strategize technology integration.

For more information, please email OnlineLearning@uah.edu. Open lab hours occur only when classes are in session (not between semesters or on semester breaks). But we're always here to help even if the lab isn't open.

UAH Online Learning Community

Please join our new Facebook group: Online Learning @ UAH

Whether you already teach online—or are just a teeny-tiny bit intrigued by the idea but are nowhere near ready—we'd love to have you join us! Feel free to add the faculty and staff you know would be interested as well. We're just getting started, but this group will quickly become a hub of conversation, learning, and networking among faculty and staff at UAH.

Click over to the Online Learning @ UAH group and join us!

Google Educator Certification Training

Check out the Google Training Center and earn Google Educator certifications while you're at it!

Not sure which certification to pursue? Check out the Google Certifications FAQ for more information about how it works.

Khan Academy Teacher Training

Learn how to leverage the Khan Academy as a resource in your classroom, whether on-ground or online in this training for teachers.

Table Talk: Conversations with Online Learning

Instructors often want to discuss strategies, challenges, current events and the news. Table Talk: Conversations With Online Learning provides instructors with an opportunity to engage in conversations about their course, news stories and other timely discussions about higher education and online learning. It is a great opportunity to engage in rich conversation, dig deeper, and share ideas for taking action and additional resources, impart important information, and encourage lifelong interest in online education at UAH and around the world.

Table Talk is back!

To participate, simply drop by the Table Talk with OL table in the Charger Café when you see our sign. No registration is required and the Charger Café offers a special rate of $6/all you can eat for UAH faculty and staff.

Table Talk occurs on the third Wednesday of each month. We'll skip in March due to Spring Break!

Spring 2019 Dates: January 16, February 20, April 17

Canvas Training & Support

Learning to use the LMS is an important step toward proficiency with online teaching and learning. Most in the e-learning industry agree that the best way to orient oneself to teaching online is to start as a learner oneself.

These resources provide a great opportunity to experience online learning from the student side of the equation with self-guided exploration and the staff of Enhanced Teaching & Learning (Online Learning, Academic Technology and Collaborative Learning combined) are available to help with challenges, guidance, and support either face-to-face or through phone or video meetings.

Canvas Quick Links

  • Canvas Community • This online community of educators using the Canvas LMS provide great opportunities for problem-solving, information-sharing, inspiration, and networking. Join free!
  • Canvas Guides • Search or browse the Canvas Guides for quick answers and complete reference material to various tools within the Canvas LMS.
  • UAH Canvas Training • This page provides information and links to the UAH training for Canvas, as well as Turnitin, Respondus, Panopto and classroom technologies.
  • UAH OIT HelpDesk • There are a variety of ways to get quick help from the OIT HelpDesk. If something is not working correctly, they are there to help with Canvas or the variety of technology tools supported by Academic Technology.

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